About Us


Cleanex was founded in 1974 by then 22 year old Mr. Jeffrey Ng, a young entrepreneur with relatively limited financial resources but equipped with a clear company vision.

With his philosophy, organizational strategy and work ethics, Mr. Ng was able to steer the company towards significant growth along with the increasing number of loyal customers. Then in 1986, the company was renamed as Cleanex Maintenance Services Pte Ltd.

Now, Cleanex is still a solely owned company with a present turnover of $3.5 million, with an ever growing number of well-known, satisfied clients, that is attended by more than 200 of our hard working employees deployed island-wide.


Cleanex’s Mission and Vision


Our mission is to be the lead provider of outstanding cleaning services and set ourself apart from the competition by

  • Gathering information on updated cleaning technologies.
  • Providing sufficient training to an already capable staff.
  • Exceeding client expectations with the end result.
  • Maintaining a very competitive pricing policy.

With all of these in line, we aspire to win over new customers and at the same time, gain our current customer's trust and confidence thus keeping them as one of our many satisfied clients.


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