• OFFICES – Ensure maximum productivity by providing a clean office space for your employees.
  • SHOWROOMS – A shiny and spotless showroom is the best first impression to draw customers.
  • FACTORIES – Cleanliness is synonymous to safety when it comes to every production area.
  • SCHOOLS – Maintain a conducive environment for learning by keeping all areas free from dirt and grime.
  • CONDOMINIUMS – Protect your investment's property value through professional cleaning to maintain its pristine condition.




  • CARPET SHAMPOO – With our advanced and tested methods, removing 100% of dirt, germs, stains, smell and any unwanted materials is an absolute guarantee.
  • STRIP & WAX – Bring back the beauty and luster of your floor with the highest standard that only we could provide.
  • FLOOR SCRUBBING – Protect your floor area from the build-up of dirt, dust, stains and other residues from everyday use.
  • EXTERNAL FACADE CLEANING – A regularly cleaned external facade not only creates an elegant image for your property but also reduces the wear and tear through time.
  • HOME CLEANING – A happy home is a healthy home and make sure it stays that way by keeping it dirt-free and sanitized with the help of our professional service.